People still not afraid of corona, Health Ministry reports- 50% of people still do not wear masks


The outbreak of the second wave of Corona virus has rained down on India so much that the country’s health system has become helpless before the virus. Thousands of people are dying every day, millions of people are getting infected with the virus. Lockdown has been imposed in many states of the country. It has appealed to the people to go out of the house only for the essential things and whenever they come out, they must wear masks and follow social distancing. But people do not believe these things. According to the Health Ministry report, 50 percent of people still do not apply masks.

The Union Health Ministry said on Thursday that according to a study, 50 percent of people still do not wear masks, while 64 percent of people who wear masks do not cover their noses.

In a media briefing on Thursday, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Love Aggarwal said that there are more than 1 lakh active cases in eight states of the country, 50 thousand -1 lakh active cases in 9 states and less than 50 thousand active cases in 19 states. Are the cases.


Love Aggarwal said, “Some states like Karnataka and West Bengal are showing positivity rates above 25 percent which is a matter of concern.” The Ministry of Health said that India has seen a steady increase in weekly trials of Corona since mid-February and a 2.3-fold increase in average daily trials over the past 12 weeks.

It has been reported that after a steady increase in the positivity of the Kovid-19 case for 10 weeks, the decline has been recorded for the last two weeks. According to the latest data released by the Health Ministry, 276,110 new corona cases were reported and 3874 infected people lost their lives on Thursday. At the same time 3,69,077 people have also recovered from Corona. That is, 96,841 active cases have been reduced.



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