People from the Thakur community came out in support of the accused, threatening them on camera


The video shows people chanting slogans so unconscious that despite the presence of police members, they do not hesitate to issue warnings.

Hathras case: U.P. Village of Hatras district The elites have come out in support of four youths arrested on charges of gang-raping and vandalizing a Dalit woman. These upper caste people have been caught on camera with slogans. On Sunday, Bhim Army chief Chandrasekhar Azad reached the village to meet the girl’s relatives. It can be seen in the video that the slogans are so unknown that they do not refrain from making threats despite the presence of police members. After the Vim army chief visited the village, police filed a case against 400 people, including Chandrasekhar Azad, who were accused of violating the ban on large-scale rallies in the area.


‘Deep conspiracy in Hatras’: UP police has registered 19 cases across the state

Surprisingly, no action was taken against the nearly 500 people who rallied in support of the alleged gang-rape accused. In the viral video, some of these people are openly threatening Chandrasekhar Azad. Asking for special protection for the girl’s family, Azad said, “A public meeting is being held in support of the accused. The victim’s family is in danger. Following the death of the woman at a Delhi hospital on Tuesday, the issue has become a topic of discussion and public outrage across the country, with family members accusing her of killing her. The upper caste people of the village held a meeting of the National Savarna Council, alleging that the woman and her family were making false allegations against the four and they were arrested on the basis of her statements. They are demanding a CBI probe, which was recommended by the state’s Yogi Adityanath government.

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The Congress retaliated by accusing the Hatars of inciting riots – ‘anti-Dalit BJP …’


In one video one is heard to say, ‘You don’t believe the CBI? He (Chandrasekhar) does not believe in CBI, he has come here to do politics. Let’s just meet her once, then we’ll make sure she’s confident. “Tagore was born only to be pushed,” shouted the man, intending to oust the army chief. Come out, your older brother is here to see you. Police were also seen arguing with him at the time. One of the accused in the attack on the 20-year-old girl has the same name as the girl’s brother. The man says his brother killed the woman and involved another. She shouts, ‘Who says she was raped.’

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Significantly, based on the forensic report of the Agra Lab in UP, the police have denied the allegations of the woman who was raped against her, but experts are questioning the report. He said the report was based on a sample collected 11 days after the crime.

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Rocks, baton charge on SP staff in Hatras gang rape case


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