Parliament sessions can be rescheduled, after the construction of the new parliament building, this will be the new system


The sessions may be rescheduled soon in view of the shortening of the time gap between the winter session of Parliament and the subsequent budget session. There are informal discussions about this, but no formal initiative has been taken yet. However, it is believed that a decision can be taken after the new Parliament building is built.

three sessions every year

Parliament organizes three sessions every year, starting with the budget session. This is followed by the Monsoon Session and Winter Session. The budget session has been done a month in advance in recent years. Earlier it used to start in the last week of February, usually from 25 February. But now it is being called in the last week of January from 29-30 January, as the budget is being presented on February 1. The date for presenting the first budget was February 28.

winter session a month ago

However, the winter session still extends to the last week of December. In such a situation, hardly a month is left between the winter and the budget session. This is also affecting the process of budget session. According to sources, now the possibility of holding the winter session of Parliament a month in advance is being explored. It can be started in the first or second week of November to give enough time to prepare for the budget session. The winter season lasts for about a month.


time to prepare

Under the new regime, the budget session ends in April, while the monsoon session begins in July. In such a situation, there is a time gap of more than two months between these two sessions. The gap between monsoon and winter season is more than three months. If this is reduced to one month, then the time interval between the three sessions can be better adjusted. This will allow full preparation time for each session and will also facilitate the government to keep its business in a proper manner.

Changes possible from 2023

According to sources, only informal discussions are going on in this regard, but soon formal talks can also start. It is believed that after the new Parliament House comes into existence, there may be a decision to reschedule the Parliament sessions. The new Parliament building is to be ready by December next year. In such a situation, from the year 2023, when the Parliament sessions will be held in the new building, then the dates of the sessions may also change.



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