Parents lost their corona, which way will the path of the life of the orphans go now?


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A 14-year-old child sat for hours in his house near the corpse of his parents. The parents of the child also went to Corona like thousands of people dying every day. This child living in a house in North Delhi had to muster enough courage to go to a relative’s house. A worker working in an NGO said that this child stood silent for several minutes and could barely speak anything.


The boy’s mother must have been between the ages of 35 and 40, with the first symptoms of corona being seen. After this, the virus caught the child and his 41-year-old father. A doctor wrote some medicines. The family managed to get the oxygen cylinders connected but the couple succumbed to the illness at home.

Like this couple, how many people died due to this second wave of corona and India’s health system kept watching with naked eyes. But was unable to do anything. There are many children of this age whose parents died due to corona virus.

Anurag Kundu, chairperson of the Delhi Child Rights Protection Commission (DCPCR), said that they have found many SOS that the children are left alone because their parents were hospitalized or the children have lost their entire family. Kundu told that many times there is no one to give them food.

A DCPCR Volunteers, on condition of anonymity, said, “Our NGO has contacted a family of 14 years old boy caring for them.” We helped such children connect with various child welfare committees to find a better home.

The family has refused to seek any institutional support and has initially set up a fundraiser to pay off the debts incurred by the boy’s parents for medical expenses.

Volintiers said, “Over two lakhs were paid in a day and all the debts of his parents were repaid.” He followed some close relatives of the boy living abroad. The family has also started legal proceedings to adopt this child. “

Kundu said that in many other cases, one of the children’s parents is hospitalized, while the other has died. He said that in most cases, relatives have come forward and taken care of such children.

Kundu said that in at least two cases, the children have been released on their condition. “We have moved them to a shelter home in Delhi, until we find families for them who can take care of them and give them a better future.”

Kundu said that people are always ready to accept such children. “Even our priority for the child is a home setup rather than any institutional care but a legal process for adoption.”

Sonal Kapoor Singh, founder of an NGO working for children, said that the last few months have been very disturbing. She says, “We have been working to help children in 40 slums for 10 years. To help protect them from various trauma. The last few months have been very disturbing. There have been cases where the situation of children who lost their parents in Corona is worse than that of orphans. “

She says, “In many cases, young girls have been forced to work hard for low wages because both of their parents Kovid-19 have died.”

A social worker who works in Kolkata says that she receives messages on WhatsApp every day, calling for the help of these orphaned children. They fear that such children may be put into human trafficking. After the death of his father in a Delhi hospital, an 18-year-old boy says, “My mother got better with that injection, but Papa got pneumonias and couldn’t survive.”

He explains, “We had a small business that we started with a loan. In the first wave of Corona, our business was destroyed and all the laborers also left. Now the bankers are bothering us for loans.” I fear our house will be snatched. First Corona snatched our father from us and now it will make us homeless. “


Parents lost their corona, which way will the path of the life of the orphans go now?
Parents lost their corona, which way will the path of the life of the orphans go now?


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