Parents donated their one-month-old baby to the temple, police swung into action due to viral news on social media


Her parents donated a mere 30-day-old newborn in Hansi in Hisar district, Haryana, for piety in the Samadha temple. When this strange religious program and the case went viral on social media, the Sisay police also got a clue of it, due to which the child was saved from going wrong.


Sisay Police Outpost Incharge Vedpal Nan said on Thursday that a message went viral on social media. According to the message, a religious program was organized at the Samadha Mandir, in which the fruit merchant, a resident of Dudle Park, offered his one-month-old child to the temple. The child was renamed Narayan Puri after performing rituals in the presence of Mahants and family members in the temple.

When the matter came to notice, the police staff immediately informed the big police officers about the whole matter, after which SP Nitika Gehlot was alerted and instructed the SHO to take action in the case.

On getting the order of SP, the police summoned the family and the Mahant of the temple to the police station. A large number of people from both sides gathered at the outpost, but the police, handling the case with full sensitivity, explained to the family that such a small child cannot be given to any person, temple or institution and this is illegal. .

The police explained to the family about the legal clauses and explained the action. After this, the family withdrew the child from the temple, seeing the police action falling. The family promised to raise him in writing in front of the police. At the same time, the temple administration has also been warned by the police.

Mahant Pancham Puri of the temple said that people offer a child in the temple on completion of their vow. A few months ago, a child was donated to the temple by one such family, which is named Poonam Puri.




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