Pandora Papers to be investigated: India

The Government of India has said that those cases will be investigated, which have been mentioned in the revelations named Pandora Papers on Monday. According to the Indian Express newspaper, many big industrialists and sports personalities are named in these cases. India has talked about the investigation of Pandora Papers, while the Finance Ministry of Pakistan has also assured to investigate the cases. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen, whose name appears in the documents, said that those whose names appear in the documents will be investigated. India’s finance ministry issued a statement saying, “The government will actively engage with foreign officials and obtain information on relevant taxpayers and companies.” See, the double standards of Indians living in America, while Russia has said that these documents do not find any evidence about the hiding of money by Vladimir Putin’s aide. Money kept abroad was used to buy a house.

What is Pandora Papers? In this disclosure, popularly known as Pandora Papers, 29 thousand such companies and trusts have been found which were formed abroad. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) studied 12 million documents of 14 companies for a year, after which it has been claimed that businessmen, industrialists, politicians and sports and entertainment world celebrities from different countries have hid money. India’s newspaper Indian Express was involved in this investigation. According to the newspaper, these documents have the names of more than 300 Indians, including industrialist Anil Ambani, Nirav Modi’s sister and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s husband. The Indian Express newspaper is part of a group of media organizations that have scrutinized these documents. According to the newspaper, industrialist Anil Ambani and his representatives had set up at least 18 foreign companies in Jersey, the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus. At least 1. through seven such companies established between 2007 and 2010.

$3 billion was borrowed and invested. In 2020, Reliance ADA Group chairman Anil Ambani told a court in London that he had gone bankrupt after a dispute with three Chinese banks. A lawyer quoted Ambani as telling the Indian Express that his client had given legal information to the government. See, according to the top newspaper in India Asia in accepting bribes, this lawyer said, “Our clients are taxpayer citizens of India and they have given whatever information is required to be given to the government according to the law. Giving information in a London court Everything was taken care of at the time. Reliance ADA Group does business all over the world and companies are formed at different places according to the requirements. Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is also among the more than 60 names that have been disclosed so far.

The Indian Express has written that more than 60 important people and companies have been investigated, which will be revealed in the coming days. The newspaper writes that after the revelations of the Panama Papers, the wealthy have found new ways to hide their wealth. Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, for example, sold his stake in the British Virgin Islands just three months after the Panama Papers revelations. Sachin Tendulkar’s lawyer has said that all his investments are legitimate. In the news published on Tuesday, the newspaper has talked about the formation of a company in Seychelles by a military officer and his son, who was the Intelligence Chief of the Indian Army. According to the newspaper, soon after the disclosure of the Panama Papers in 2016, Lieutenant General (retd) Rakesh Kumar Loomba along with his son Rahul Loomba had set up a Seychelles international business company named Rearint Partners Limited. Report: Vivek Kumar (Reuters) Photos: The Great Scams of India.


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