Pandit Nehru was against reservation itself, there was uproar in Rajya Sabha over the speech of BJP MP


There was a ruckus in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday during the discussion on the Constitution Amendment Bill, which empowers the states to decide the list of OBC reservation. In fact, during the discussion on this bill, Congress MPs got angry on the speech of BJP MP and former Deputy CM of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi. Sushil Kumar Modi in his speech said that BJP has been ready for social justice for a long time. He said that I come from the background of the Sangh and the RSS has always expressed its commitment towards social justice. Giving an example of this, he also referred to a speech by Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale of the RSS.

At the same time, he also mentioned the country’s first PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, on which a ruckus started. He said that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was only against reservation in jobs. Referring to the letter written by Nehru to the Chief Ministers, Sushil Modi said this. Referring to Nehru’s letter, Sushil Modi said that he had opposed any kind of reservation. Nehru wrote, ‘I oppose any kind of reservation. Especially in jobs. I strongly oppose anything that creates inefficiency and brings in second-rate standards.


Nehru had said, ‘I want to see India as a first class country in every respect. The time we encourage second class, we will be defeated at the same time. Pandit Nehru had said that the only way to help the backward groups is to give them good opportunities for education. But if we move towards reservation on the basis of sect and caste, then we will lose the deserving people and move forward second rate and third rate. When this letter of Nehru was forwarded by Sushil Kumar Modi, a ruckus started and after that many MPs said in their speech that why Nehru has been held responsible for every mistake on the part of BJP.


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