Pakistan’s mischief has limited our army to the border – Defense Minister in Rajya Sabha


The government said on Monday that the Indian military had restricted Pakistani-led operations to the border.

The government said on Monday that the Indian military had restricted Pakistani-led operations to the border. Replying to a supplementary question during Question Hour in the Rajya Sabha, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, “The Indian Army is less appreciated because it has limited the activities of Pakistan.” “There were 4629 ceasefire violations in 2020. The purpose of such operations by Pakistan is to disrupt peace in India,” he said. “The Indian side has taken appropriate steps to prevent ceasefire violations from Pakistan.”

Refusing to elaborate, he said he had repeatedly crossed the border to violate the ceasefire to allow terrorists to enter India, to expel active terrorists in India and to disrupt the peace situation in India. “As far as the steps taken by India are concerned … it can tell the heart of the Pakistani government what the reaction of the Indian Army is and how,” Singh said. The Indian Army has restricted its activities. ”

Asked a supplementary question, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament and a senior member of Congress, said, “Why has the ceasefire violation increased during the tenure of the present government?” Is foreign policy responsible for this? ”
He said that Pakistan was sharing the border with Jammu, not Kashmir. “Militants often infiltrate Kashmir and violate the ceasefire in Jammu,” he said. This particularly affects the five districts of Jammu, where people should be compensated.

Rajnath said, “There is a tradition of compensation from the state government for loss of life and property. Earlier the amount of compensation was very low. Earlier only three animals were compensated for killing. Now this amount has been increased and compensation for every kind of loss is given.” “The goal was to build more than 14,000 bunkers on the border, most of which have already been built. Citizens were evacuated with the expectation of danger,” Singh said.



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He said, “Ceasefire violations are often carried out from across the border because they want to cause major incidents like the Pathankot attack, the Uri attack in India. The Indian forces are keeping a close eye on the border from their side.”

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