Pakistan’s attitude towards Afghanistan was openly polled, India slammed for coming to NSA meeting


Pakistan did not participate in the important talks with the NSAs of various countries on the issue of Afghanistan led by India. India has criticized this decision of Pakistan. It has been said from India that this decision of Pakistan shows how Pakistan’s attitude towards a war-torn country. Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said in a press conference that there are difficulties in providing aid to the people in Afghanistan because of the lack of unimpeded access.

The Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson said that India has been helping Afghanistan for the past several years. But since the last few months the ground situation has changed and now it is facing a lot of difficulties in providing help. He said that the serious situation in Afghanistan has been discussed in this important meeting of security advisors of 8 regional countries including India, Russia and Iran.


He said that Pakistan and China were also invited to attend the NSA level talks. But both the countries refused to attend this meeting due to different reasons. Pakistan’s NSA Moeed Yusuf had refused to attend the meeting saying that India was ruining everything in that region. At the same time, China refused to attend this important meeting citing the problem of scheduling.

Let us tell you that Pakistan has been accused of supporting the Taliban in the fight against the Afghan government. Pakistan is accused of providing financial and military aid to the Taliban. However, Islamabad has been denying this.


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