Pakistan playing the dirty game of increasing separatism in Kashmir and Punjab with the help of Taliban, China also


Khalistani and Kashmiri separatist groups have found a new weapon in the form of Taliban. Dangerous plans are being made to destabilize India’s Punjab and Kashmir with the help of Taliban. Intelligence agencies have solid inputs of ISI’s dangerous plan. Security agencies have also taken seriously the report of Hudson Thinktank, in which it has been told that Khalistan and Kashmiri separatist groups are engaged in strengthening anti-India ground in America with the funding of ISI. However, it is a matter of relief that these separatist groups do not have any strong base in Punjab. Yet the security agencies are alerted by the activities of ISI and separatist groups.

efforts to support

One million US dollars in aid has been offered to the Taliban by Sikh separatist groups. This is being seen as an exercise to forge a new alliance. This dangerous plan is also being told behind the scenes by China. Security and intelligence agencies are investigating new threats since the Taliban occupation of Kabul. This is one of the solid points among them.

55 separatist groups active on American soil

The Hudson thinktank report has described the activism of Khalistani groups on American soil and the lack of action against them as worrying. According to the information, about 55 closely related Khalistani and Kashmiri separatist groups are active in America.

PM’s protest plan

These separatist groups have also warned of widespread protests during the proposed US visit for the quad meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Indian agencies are in touch with US officials in this regard. It is believed that during the bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Joe Biden, he will also talk about the rapidly growing new security threats. However, it is a matter of relief that these activities do not have much effect in Punjab. The Khalistan referendum also could not get Aadhaar in Punjab. Security agencies are keeping a close watch on the few separatist elements that are active.

Look at these controversial characters

The concern of security agencies is that characters like Ghulam Nabi Fi, Gurpatwant Pannu are very active in America despite being banned in India. Ghulam Nabi Fai is known as an agent of ISI. The same Pannu openly advocates the formation of the Indian state of Punjab as Khalistan. Sources said that Indian security agencies have been continuously raising this issue with the US.


Suspicious activity in the name of peaceful movement

India had exposed the dangerous intentions of separatist activities by wearing the guise of peaceful movement some time back in its dossier. American agencies are also aware of this. According to documents from the US Department of Justice and the FBI, Fai, who was arrested in 2011, had received $3.5 million from the ISI and the Pakistan government since 1990, about 26 crore rupees.

Punjab’s challenge after Kashmir

A security official said that behind the scenes involvement of China with Pakistan in Kashmir has been detected. Weapons and drones made in China have been found by terrorists. Agencies are feeling this danger in Punjab also. Especially after the Galvan incident, there is information about China helping the plan of destabilization in India through ISI. China’s role is not directly mentioned in the Hudson report. But Indian agencies have strong information that ISI is getting help from China.

The threat from the Taliban’s proximity to the ISI

Sources close to the security agency said the ISI’s proximity to the Taliban has warned of new threats. During the last one month, Indian agencies have been working out a strategy to deal with these threats. Agencies are working together to make the country-wide network of intelligence agencies more active and quick information exchange. The strategy to activate NATGRID at the earliest is also being worked out.

what was said in the report

The Hudson Institute, in its report ‘Pakistan’s Conspiracy to Destabilize: Khalistan Activism in the US’, published last week said that like Islamist terrorist organizations based in Pakistan, Khalistani organizations may come up with new names. “Unfortunately, the US government has shown no interest in violence perpetrated by Khalistanis, while the most staunch supporters of the Khalistan campaign are in Western countries such as the UK, Canada and the US,” it said.



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