Pakistan has been playing a subversive role in Afghanistan, this report also stamped


A ‘congressional’ report on Afghanistan said that Pakistan has long been active in Afghanistan-related matters and in many cases has been destructive and destabilizing, including resorting to a provision to support the Taliban. .

A report by the Bilateral Congressional Research Service (CRS) said that if other countries such as Pakistan, Russia and China, and US allies such as Qatar, move towards giving more recognition to the Taliban, it could isolate the US. At the same time, the Taliban will get more opportunities to resist American pressure and escape from it.


The report said that America’s more punitive attitude could further deepen the already dire humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. The CRS report is prepared to give information to the MPs on various issues so that they can take decisions based on that. It is not considered official thinking or report of the US Congress.

“Pakistan has long been active in Afghanistan’s affairs and has been playing a disruptive and destabilizing role in many ways, including provision for support to the Taliban,” the report said. “Many observers see the Taliban’s capture of Afghanistan as a significant victory for Pakistan, increasing its influence in Afghanistan and its decades-long efforts to limit India’s influence there,” it said. Got a boost.


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