‘Owaisi should be sent to Afghanistan, will protect the rights of women of his community’ Union Minister counterattacked


‘Owaisi should be sent to Afghanistan. There he will protect the rights of the women of his community. Union Minister Shobha Karandlaje made this scathing remark on the chief of AIMIM on Friday. In fact, Owaisi had given a statement regarding the crime against women in India. In response, the Union Minister said that he should be sent to Afghanistan.

Comment on the condition of women in India

Recently, the BJP-led central government had expressed concern over the condition of women in Afghanistan. On this, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi had said that he should see the situation in India before expressing concern over Afghanistan. Owaisi had cited a report that said that one in every nine girls in India dies before the age of five. He had said that crime against women is at its peak in India. But instead of taking necessary steps on this, the central government is expressing concern over the condition of women in Afghanistan.


Taliban is a puppet in the hands of ISI

On Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, Owaisi said that if anyone has gained the most from this crisis, it is Pakistan. He said that ISI is the enemy of India. You must remember that the ISI controls the Taliban and uses it as a puppet. The Taliban have said that women in Afghanistan should be happy. However, they will get all the facilities only by staying within the ambit of Sharia. From this it is being estimated that there has not been much difference in the attitude of the Taliban towards women.


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