Other countries are also evacuating Indians from Afghanistan


Many such Indian citizens are also trapped in Afghanistan who were working there for companies of other countries. It is possible that such countries can also take out these Indians from there and later they should be brought back to India. Right now information about the total number of such Indian citizens has not been made public, but efforts are also on to expel them. On 23 August, an Indian Air Force aircraft transported 78 people, including 25 Indians, from Kabul to Dushanbe in Tajikistan. All those people were brought to Delhi on the morning of 24 August. Among these 78 people, there were also many Afghan Hindus and Sikhs.

With this, after August 16, the number of people brought from Kabul to Delhi has crossed 800. On August 21, 146 Indian nationals were airlifted from Kabul to Qatar’s capital Doha by NATO and American aircraft. Operation Devi Shakti was also brought back to India the next day. India’s campaign to rescue people from Kabul has been named Operation Devi Shakti. A media report has claimed that the US, UK, UAE, France, Germany and Qatar have said that they will bring out the Indians who were working for them in Afghanistan. He will be brought to India later.

Meanwhile, the deadline for the complete withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan is approaching and in such a situation the Taliban’s spirits are increasing. Foreign forces are still stationed at Kabul airport, but on 23 August there were reports of Taliban firing at the airport as well. Will everyone be able to leave? In the midst of these circumstances, it has become very difficult for all those countries including India to take out their citizens trapped there. Ukraine has claimed that unidentified armed men hijacked a Ukrainian plane in Afghanistan and flew it to Iran. This plane was to bring back Ukrainian citizens from Afghanistan. Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Yesenin said that the plane was now “practically stolen from them and a group of unknown people were on board instead of Ukrainian citizens”, although these claims could not be independently verified. Pie is.


Thousands of people are still waiting at Kabul airport or trying to get there to leave Afghanistan. As the deadline of August 31 draws closer, there is growing concern about the safe evacuation of these people from Afghanistan. There is pressure on the US to somehow make an agreement with the Taliban to allow the Taliban NATO forces to remain at the airport until these people are safely evacuated. However, the Taliban has turned down this demand and is sticking to the deadline of 31 August. It has to be seen that it is possible to evacuate how many people from Afghanistan in time.


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