Order to open poultry market in Delhi, decision after Gazipur market test samples for bird flu turned negative


There is news of relief for bird flu in Delhi, which has come to light in many states of the country. On Thursday, the Delhi government banned the purchase and sale of chickens.

Many states have appeared in the country Bird flu (Bird Flu in Delhi) Now (Bird Flu) relief news. Thursday Government of Delhi Ordered a ban on buying and selling chickens. Earlier on January 9, the Delhi government had ordered the closure of Gazipur, the largest poultry market, in view of the possibility of bird flu. However, 100 samples sent from Gazipur Murga Mandi to Jalandhar proved to be negative. Due to which bird flu has not been confirmed in Delhi yet. That is why the Delhi government has directed to launch Gazipur Poultry Market. Before bird flu was confirmed in Delhi’s Sanjay Lake, random samples were sent to Jalandhar from Gazipur Mandi, though teams from the Animal Husbandry Department are still vigilant and collecting random samples from different areas.

Bird flu: Two Delhi Municipal Corporations have banned the sale of chickens, Caution restaurants and hotels

The results came three days after bird flu was confirmed in crow and duck samples in Delhi. After confirmation of bird flu in crows and duck samples, the Delhi government last Monday banned the sale of processed and packaged chickens brought from outside the city. As a precaution, the government has closed the poultry market for 10 days.

News of relief for Delhi, 100 samples of Gazipur market show no signs of bird flu

Significantly, considering the bird flu situation in Delhi, three municipal corporations in Delhi on Wednesday immediately banned the sale and keeping of poultry or processed “chickens” in shops and restaurants. Officials had earlier said that bird flu was confirmed in 10 samples taken from Mayur Bihar Phase-3, Sanjay Lake and Dwarka Sector 9. The ducks were killed at Sanjay Lake on Monday, where many ducks were found dead.


Video: Deepening bird flu crisis in Maharashtra


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