Opposition sidelined in Punjab: there will be no change, Congress will contest elections only under the captaincy of Amarinder Singh


In Punjab, the Congress is in favor of moving ahead with a balance. On one hand, the party has given the post of state president of Congress to Navjot Singh Sidhu, while it wants to retain Captain Amarinder Singh as CM. Recently, in-charge Harish Rawat has given similar indications on the voice of change of leadership on behalf of 4 ministers of the state. Harish Rawat said that Captain Amarinder Singh will lead the Congress in the 2022 Punjab elections. The election will take place under his leadership. He has made it clear from his statement that Amarinder Singh will remain the captain in Punjab for the time being and under his leadership the party will go into the election season.

Four Punjab ministers and three MLAs had reached Dehradun to meet Harish Rawat. After that his statement came out, it tells the strategy of Congress. Earlier, in a conversation about differences between Captain and Sidhu, Rawat had said, “Captain Amarinder Singh had welcomed the decision to make Sidhu the state president. I will try to resolve this matter. If I am not able to do this, then I will speak before the Congress leadership. In fact, Punjab MLA Pargat Singh had said that there is displeasure among the MLAs as many issues are still not resolved.


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While suggesting, Pargat Singh had said that I would ask the Congress high command to ask the CM to convene a meeting of all the MLAs under the supervision of the Congress observer. In this meeting, any decision should be taken only after discussion with all the MLAs. Pargat Singh said, ‘Definitely some people have gone to Delhi and I will also go there. There won’t be any problem with it. We should not divert issues. Captain Amarinder Singh is our CM and we have no disagreement about this, but work must be done.


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