Opponents or supporters of the Agricultural Act, all farmers should present their case before the committee: Supreme Court


The Supreme Court said that after several rounds of talks, no solution was reached, so far the farmers have been protesting peacefully without any untoward incident.

The Supreme Court today framed farm laws and Peasant movement At the hearing (peasant movement) said that we can not stop the peaceful protest. We think it is by stopping the implementation of agricultural laws Great order At least for the time being such protests will be considered an achievement and will encourage farming organizations to understand how to protect the lives and health of their members and the lives and property of others, and return their livelihood. The Supreme Court said the case would be heard in eight weeks.

The Supreme Court said that while several points had been discussed, no solution had been found. The peasants have so far protested peacefully without any untoward incident. All those who oppose or support the farmers’ organization law will make their statements before the committee. With this expectation and expectation they are giving interim orders that both parties will accept it with the right consciousness and try to resolve the issues in a fair, equitable and just manner.

The Supreme Court said the minimum support price system would remain in force until further orders before the Agriculture Act came into force. Besides, the land of the farmers will be protected. This means that no farmer will relinquish his title as a result of any action taken under the Agriculture Act.

The committee has been set up to hear and make recommendations to farmers on agricultural law and the views of the government. The committee will be provided by the government with a place in Delhi as well as secretarial assistance. The Central Government will bear all the expenses of organizing the meeting for the Committee in Delhi or elsewhere. Representatives of all farmers’ organizations, whether they are protesting or whether they support or oppose the laws, will take part in committee discussions and express their views. The committee, along with government representatives as well as farmers’ organizations and other stakeholders, will submit a report to the court containing their recommendations after the hearing. This will be done within two months from the date of the first sitting. The first meeting will be held within ten days from the date of the order.



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The SC has banned the implementation of three agricultural laws until further orders, forming a committee

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The committee comprises Bhupendra Singh Mann, National President, Indian Farmers Union and All India Farmers Coordinating Committee, South Asian Agricultural Economist Dr Promod Kumar Joshi, International Food Policy Research Institute, Agricultural Economist and Agriculture and Prices Commission Ashok Gulati. Former President and President Anil Ghanwat is a centenary organization.


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