Only pretends to be biased in sharing of vaccine: Dr. Harsh Vardhan


Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Thursday dismissed the allegations of some states of favoring the Center regarding Kovid vaccines and said they were trying to hide their incompetence. He said that the three top states in terms of allotment of vaccines also included non-BJP ruled states like Maharashtra and Rajasthan.


As Kovid-19 cases reached the highest level in India, Harsh Vardhan said that 9.1 crore doses of vaccines have been used, while 24 million are in stock and 19 million vaccines are to come. He said that this shows that adequate doses of vaccines are available for all states.

He tweeted, “The noise of some states for being biased by the central government is just a sham, an attempt to hide their incompetence.” Maharashtra and Rajasthan are two of the top three states based on the allocation of doses of Kovid vaccines. Both are non-BJP ruled states. “

Harsh Vardhan released the figures in another tweet saying, “Let’s end this fear now! The total doses of Kovid vaccines given are over nine crores, in stock or being supplied to the states, more than 4.3 crores. Shortage. Where is the question of? We are constantly monitoring and increasing supply. “

Earlier on Wednesday, Harsh Vardhan launched a scathing attack on Maharashtra and some other states on Wednesday and tried to spread panic and hide their failures by asking for vaccines for all without vaccinating the substantial number of beneficiaries who are entitled to them. Was charged.




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