Only one-fourth of the world’s countries made health strategy: WHO report revealed


Amid climate talks, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a report released on Monday that only a quarter of the world’s countries have so far launched health plans to deal with the effects of climate threats. In other countries, either plans are being made or they are not able to start due to lack of funds or other reasons. 70 percent of countries admitted that the main reason for not being able to prepare health programs is lack of economic resources.

According to the ‘WHO Health and Climate Change Global Survey Report – 2021’, three-quarters of the world’s countries have, or are, preparing their plans and strategies to reduce the health effects of climate threats. But only one-fourth of the nations have been able to implement them so far. While one-fourth of the countries have not yet taken any step in this direction.

Of the 95 countries that took part in the survey, 70 percent said they were unable to launch climate hazards and health programs because of lack of economic resources. While 54 percent blamed the shortage of health workers, 52 percent blamed the corona epidemic. 46 percent of countries believed that there is not enough research and data available in this matter. 43 percent say they lack health techniques and equipment to deal with these effects. It is not included in the priority of 39 percent of the countries.


Responding to the report, WHO Director (Environment and Health) Dr. Maria Naira said that CAP-26 is underway to tackle climate threats. Therefore, all countries should also pay attention to its health effects and present necessary strategies and plans for this.

He said the health effects are clear. Air pollution accounts for 80 percent of the total deaths. These deaths can be prevented if the air is made pure as per WHO guidelines. Apart from this, displaced people due to climate impacts have the most health impacts, which can be prevented by making policies.


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