Once used to work as a Knight Guard, today IIM professor has become, know how to decide this long journey of struggle


A new assistant professor named Ranjit Ramachandran was appointed last week at IIM Ranchi. Ranjit Ramachandran is in the news because he took a long and struggle-filled journey to reach this destination. There was a time when Ranjit ran his family, working as a night guard. Ranjith shared a picture on social media on Saturday. This picture was from his village Panathur in Kasargod district of Kerala. The picture had a hut and 28-year-old Ranjith wrote with it, ‘An IIM professor was born in this house.’

According to the news of Indian Express, Ranjit had earlier been working as Assistant Professor at Christ University in Bangalore for the last two months. Ranjith says, ‘I wanted my life to be an inspiration for the youth who struggle to find success. There was a time after I completed my studies till the 12th when I thought of leaving my further studies to help the family by doing a small job.

Ranjeet’s father Raveendran is a teller by profession and mother Baby is an MNREGA laborer. Ranjith is the eldest of his three siblings. The whole family lives in a small hut, with polythene on its roof and dripping water in it in the rain.

Although the family belongs to the Marathi-speaking backward tribal community living in Kasargod, Ranjit says that he never needed reservation in his studies.


Recalling his college days in Kasargod, Ranjith says, ‘After the 12th, I wanted to get a job to provide financial help to my parents. I also had to help my younger siblings, who were still studying at the time. I got a night guard job at the local BSNL telephone exchange at a salary of 4 thousand rupees per month. I used to go to college during the day and stay at the telephone exchange all night. Stayed on the telephone exchange for five years. My job as a security guard was not to interrupt the power supply. ‘

Ranjith did his PhD in Economics a year ago. However, at one time he wanted to leave it. When he enrolled in IIIT Madras, he did not know how to speak English, but Ranjith says that a professor couple helped him here. The couple explained to Ranjith that it would be wrong to leave PhD in between.

Ranjit used to spend his money at the IIT Madras as a stipend, while saving a part of it to spend on his siblings’ education.

Ranjith wants him to be a good teacher at IIM. He is to join IIM Ranchi in the next 90 days.



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