On reaching India, Afghan MPs wept bitterly, said – everything is over in our Afghanistan, VIDEO


In view of the worsening situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban occupation, all countries are trying to evacuate their citizens from there. In this episode, an Indian Air Force aircraft flying from Kabul, Afghanistan landed at Hindon base in Ghaziabad today. Along with this, these Indians trapped in Afghanistan breathed a sigh of relief. Let us inform that 168 people including 107 Indian citizens were on board this plane that landed on Hindon. Narendra Singh Khalsa, an Afghan MP who landed from this plane, burst into tears while talking to reporters.

As soon as the journalists asked him how much pain it is to leave his country as an MP. Before answering this, the Khalsa burst into tears. On this, the journalists were consoling and said – you will go to your home one day, don’t cry…. Then Khalsa said that this is the cry, we have not seen this in Afghanistan where we have lived for generations. Everything ended and became zero and the government that was formed for 20 years was over. The Khalsa could not stop their tears even after lakhs of efforts.

Let us inform that till now about 300 citizens have been brought back from Kabul. India is currently airlifting its citizens through Tajikistan and Qatar.

It is worth noting that after 20 years, the Taliban has once again been occupied by Afghanistan. He has also captured the Rashtrapati Bhavan of the country. President Ashraf Ghani handed over power to the Taliban. At the same time, President Ghani has left the country.


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