Octopus: The woman put the octopus on her palm, she revealed that it flew away


Kylin encountered a micro-octopus on a sandy beach that had so much venom in her body that it could kill more than 30 adults in a matter of minutes.

For Colin Mary, the day was nothing short of a nightmare. He was watching the sea in the sand of Indonesia. Suddenly he saw a brown germ which was an octopus. Suddenly he put that octopus on his palate, the unknown that he put on his palate is extremely dangerous. It is different that Kylin was not killed by that octopus.


After posting pictures of the animal’s hand, he discovered online that it was a blue-colored octopus, considered to be the deadliest animal in the ocean. Kylin shared information found online Applies enough poison to kill people. These are small and often painless. Many victims do not realize that they have not received a single breath. Depression and paralysis begin. No blue-ringed octopus anti-venom is available.

The title of the video was one of the most dangerous animals caught in the sand. It said, “My dad called to cry 3 hours later. Netizens were shocked by this horrible incident. One user said my heart was beating badly. Oh, my goose, my second horrible thing happened with this pp happiness nothing huai !!” Another user wrote that I have seen enough animal planets to know that brightly colored beautiful animals are not a touch field.

That’s why you don’t play with wildlife, it’s not for our entertainment and it doesn’t matter if you feel good. Despite their small size – 12 to 20 cm – and a relatively moist nature, blue-ringed octopuses are dangerous if left unmanaged. The woman was lucky to survive without any injuries.


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