OBC’s creamy layer should be 15 lakh and separate ministry, BJP’s ally demanded


After JDU, BJP’s ally Apna Dal has also demanded a caste-based census. Apart from this, Apna Dal has also demanded that the government should increase the creamy layer limit in OBC reservation to Rs 15 lakh per annum income. That is, those people of the OBC community should get the benefit of reservation whose annual income is up to Rs 15 lakh. Apna Dal has also demanded that the government should create a ministry for the OBC community on the lines of the Ministry of Tribals and Minorities.

Creamy layer is a category of OBC. It simply means the affluent among the OBCs. People falling under this category are deprived of the benefits of reservation. That is, they do not get the prescribed 27 percent reservation in jobs and education. As per the existing rules, families earning an annual income of Rs 8 lakh or more are kept in the creamy layer category. They do not get the benefit of reservation.

Apna Dal says that caste census is needed to find out the exact population of OBC community. Let us inform that there is a large section of the voters of OBC community in Uttar Pradesh.


Apna Dal is an ally of BJP since 2014. Recently, PM Modi has also made Apna Dal leader Anupriya Patel a minister during his cabinet expansion. Anupriya Patel comes from Kurmi caste which comes under OBC category.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court, during the hearing of a case, said that the ‘creamy layer’ in OBCs cannot be determined on the basis of economic criteria alone.


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