Nurses administer vaccines, PM Modi smiles, see – Electoral link to vaccine images


Puducherry resident P Nivedda administered the first dose of Modi to India Biotech’s Kovikin vaccine. The nurses of Kerala were standing with them. Prime Minister Modi administered Assamese soybeans while administering the vaccine. Assembly elections will be held in these three states.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) Located in New Delhi on Monday All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) Inside Covid vaccine All who have taken the first dose of the vaccine and are eligible under the second phase of the vaccination campaign have applied. According to sources, P Nudeva, a resident of Puducherry, has given Modi the first dose of Kovacin vaccine from India Biotech.

Modi tweeted, “I have taken the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine for AIDS. In the global fight against Covid-19, our doctors and scientists have done a tremendous job in a very short time.”

The Prime Minister was vaccinated by Puducherry nurse P Niveda and Kerala nurse Rosma Anil is supporting her.

“I am appealing to those who are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine,” he said. Come on, let’s all work together to free India from Kovid-19.

From today, 60+ elderly and 45+ sick people will receive the coronavirus vaccine, 10 important things related to it

In addition to the tweet, the Prime Minister also shared a picture of her getting vaccinated, so that she can be seen wearing an Assamese skull and smiling. Apart from Niveda, another Kerala nurse Rosamma Anil is also seen with him in the film.

Both nurses broke up with the PM after he was vaccinated.

As part of the second round of immunization campaigns, senior citizens and people over the age of 45 will be vaccinated from March 1. To get vaccinated, people will be able to register themselves in other IT applications such as the Covin Two-Point Zero Portal or Healing Bridge.

Prime Minister Modi has taken the first dose of coronavirus vaccine, vaccinated at Delhi AIIMS


According to sources, no road was closed or traffic was closed during the Prime Minister’s arrival in AIIMS. So people didn’t have any problems, so they chose the morning time for the vaccine. Niveda later told reporters that after receiving the vaccine, the Prime Minister told her, “It was identified but not known.

P Nivedda, the Prime Minister who vaccinated the nurse.

He said he has been working at AIIMS for the past three years and is currently working at a vaccination center. “We have learned that the Prime Minister is coming for vaccination this morning,” Nivedda said. When I arrived here, I knew that the Prime Minister was coming. I am very happy to meet him. ”

The nurse said Prime Minister Modi had been given the first dose of Bharat Biotech’s covacin vaccine and would be given a second dose within 28 days. “The prime minister asked us where he was going to stay,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi has been given the first dose of Kovikin vaccine by Bharat Biotech.

Another nurse Anil said that she was very happy to meet the Prime Minister. He said the prime minister was “very comfortable”.

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On Wednesday, the government announced that people over the age of 60 and those over the age of 45 with any other disease would be vaccinated against coronavirus at government centers free of charge from March 1. In private clinics and centers, they have to pay a fee of Rs 250 for this.


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