Now you will be able to get accurate weather forecast, Modi government is going to do this work


In order to make weather forecast more accurate and timely dissemination of information in the coming years, the Central Government has formulated a sub-scheme called “Upgradation of Forecast Services”, which will give three to six hours to the weather forecast. may be improved.

An official of the Ministry of Earth Sciences told Bhasha, “Plan is being worked on to make weather forecast accurate and effective in the coming years and to disseminate its information in a timely manner.” Under the Atmospheric and Climate Research Observation Systems and Services Modeling (ACROS) scheme, a sub-scheme called ‘Upgradation of Forecasting Services’ has been created.

He said this would lead to improved network and numerical modeling capability and make weather forecasting more accurate. “Work is also underway on using artificial intelligence (AI) to make the weather forecast accurate,” the official said. With these efforts, the weather forecast can improve by three to six hours.


According to the information received from the Ministry of Earth Sciences, under the sub-scheme of ‘Upgradation of Forecasting Services’, modern operational forecasting system, multidimensional risk early warning system, thunder storm assessment, urban meteorological service and astronomical services will be developed and upgraded. . Apart from this, work will be done to upgrade the hydro meteorological service and tourism forecasting services. According to the ministry, the India Meteorological Department has upgraded its High Performance Computing System (HPC) to 6.8 petaflops and with this to increase the High Performance Computing System from 10 petaflops to 40 petaflops by the year 2022 and 100 petaflops by 2024. has been planned.

Accordingly, using Doppler weather radar and satellite data, the forecast for heavy rainfall is currently being made in ‘Nowcast’ format i.e. 2-3 hours in advance.



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