Now the tension of files will be removed, officers will do yoga while working in offices; Government implemented protocol


Most of the government officials, who are under pressure to achieve the government’s ambitious targets on time, remain under stress. In view of this, the government has implemented yoga break protocols in all departments. With this, officers and employees will be able to relieve their stress by doing yoga asanas in the middle of work. The government believes that due to the yoga break, the officers will be refreshed and relieved from stress. This will increase productivity.

After the letter received from the Ministry of AYUSH, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued an office memorandum to number two, NHAI, NHIDCL and all the officers of the ministry. A senior ministry official said that the Ministry of AYUSH started last year as a pilot project. In this, the purpose of the five-minute protocol was to introduce yoga to the personnel in the office. Its purpose is to make the officers and employees burdened with work, reducing their stress through yoga and making them fresh.


People in most places-office experience stress due to changing working style and constantly working on computer. As a result of which not only their ability to work gets affected but productivity decreases. Keeping this in mind, the Ministry of AYUSH, in collaboration with eminent yoga experts, developed a five-minute yoga break protocol in 2019. The purpose of which is to refresh the mind of the employees in the office and make them able to focus again on work.


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