Now the public will be able to keep an eye on the highway construction work sitting at home, photos will be uploaded on the website


Under a unique decision, the central government has given the right to rein in the arbitrariness of the national highway construction companies-contractors in the hands of the general public. You will be able to see the progress of highway construction going on in your area on the website sitting at home. And if the project is delayed, you will be able to give your feedback on the website-social media. Companies have to upload photos of construction work every week and videos every month. This process will continue till the work is completed. A company that does not implement this decision, which brings transparency in government work, will be fined five lakh rupees more.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on June 10 this year had decided to conduct video recording of national highway projects across the country through drones. Based on the feedback, reviewing the policy, the government has issued new guidelines on November 3. In this, all companies and contractors will have to make video of highway construction with drone and upload it on the website every month. Apart from this, photos of the said development work will be uploaded every week. Under the new decision, it is mandatory for the general public to have access to the departmental website.

In case of delay in uploading the video-photos or the public not having access to the website, the company will be fined more than five lakh rupees. This fine will be imposed every time a mistake is made. In the new order, the above process will have to be followed from getting the contract for the construction of the highway till the completion of the work. A senior official of the Ministry of Road Transport said that the purpose of this exercise is to catch malpractices due to the collusion of contractors-engineers with the help of modern technology. Public participation has been ensured in this departmental system. So that the public will be able to expose it by registering a complaint on social media.


Video cannot be tampered with

According to the policy of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), the companies-contractors will do the recording of highways, lanes, middens, central lines, right of way etc. And will take screen shot. This work will be done under the supervision of the team leader of the consultant companies. The assistant engineers of the department will ensure that its quality and video is not tampered with. The Project Director (PD) of NHAI will visit the site for check and balance checks. Will analyze, comment and verify accuracy of the video recording. Which will be uploaded on the data lake of the department by the end of every month.


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