Now Rs 5 lakh will be given on death in road accident in Bihar, seriously injured will get two and a half lakh


Five lakhs will now be given to the next of kin of the deceased if they die in a road accident in Bihar. While two and a half lakhs will be given to the seriously injured. Transport Department is preparing Bihar Motor Vehicle Amendment Rules 2021 for this. The draft of the manual has been issued. Objection and suggestions related to this manual can be given on the website of the department for 30 days. After this the manual will come into effect.


In the event of death of a person due to a road accident, an amount of Rs 50 crore will be earmarked by the Bihar Road Safety Council for immediate interim compensation payment to the dependent of the deceased or to the seriously injured person. This amount will be known as Bihar Vehicle Accident Assistance Fund. The government will provide additional funds from time to time as per the amount of funds exhausted. That is, this amount will be used as a revolving fund.

In case of accident, the claim inquiry officer concerned, the in-charge of the local primary health center or the medical officer and the local district transport officer will confirm the accident. It provides that the dependent or injured person of the deceased will not be required to prove that the accident occurred due to mistake of the driver. Sub-divisional officers will recommend payment of interim compensation to the dependent or seriously injured of the deceased in the event of death. Its Assessing Officer will be the District Magistrate who will give approval to give the money. On the recommendation of DM, the District Transport Officer will ensure payment to the person concerned.

According to the rules, in case of getting married, the husband or wife of the deceased, the parents if the husband and wife are not there, and the son and daughter will be entitled to equal amount if the parents are not there. If there is no parent or son in the married person, then the sister and brother will be equally entitled. All these cases will be settled in a maximum of 60 days.

At the same time, a provision has also been made in the rules that the government will get the compensation amount from the insurance companies concerned if the accidental vehicles are insured. The government will get two lakhs from the insurance companies on death and 50 thousand if injured. In every district, a nodal officer will be appointed to ensure the recovery of the amount, which will coordinate with the insurance companies. According to officials, payments are being deferred on behalf of insurance companies in case of a road accident, hence this provision is being made at the government level.

It is worth noting that at present the compensation amount of four lakhs is given by the Disaster Management Department in the road accident. When this rule of transport department comes into force, accident victims will not get any compensation under disaster management or any scheme at the level of any department or authority.


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