Now Kapil Sibal’s advice to the Congress high command, said – if the leadership does not listen, nothing will be left


There has been a ruckus after former Congressman Jitin Prasada left the party and joined the BJP. While a section in the party is accusing Jitin Prasad of betrayal, some leaders have told the need for reform. In this episode, a new name is associated with Kapil Sibal. He has appealed to the party leadership to listen to the dissatisfied leaders. Kapil Sibal said, “I am sure the leadership knows what are the problems in the party. I hope the leadership is listening because nothing will survive without it.’ “No corporate structure can run without listening to each other and the same is true in politics,” Sibal said.

In a way, the former Union Minister while giving advice to the party said that if you do not listen, then bad days start. Along with this, he also made a scathing attack on Jitin Prasada for leaving the party. Sibal said, ‘I am not against what Jitin Prasad has done. There must have been some reasons which cannot be uncovered. But there is no such thing as joining BJP. This shows that we are moving from ‘Aaya Ram Gaya Ram’ to Prasad politics. Join the party where you get prasad.

On the question of displeasure with Congress and himself joining BJP, Kapil Sibal said that this can never happen. He said, ‘We are true Congressmen. I can’t even think of joining BJP in my life. Even my dead body will not do this. It may happen that if the party leadership asks me to leave, I may have to leave the Congress, but even then I will not go to the BJP. Let us tell you that after Jitin Prasada left the Congress, there have been reactions from many leaders. Many leaders have described him as a leader without mass base. At the same time, many leaders have accused him of betrayal.



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