Now demand for action on Rahul Gandhi’s Instagram account, Child Protection Commission wrote a letter to Facebook


Rahul Gandhi’s troubles are not ending in the matter of sharing the picture of the family of a minor Dalit girl who was raped and murdered on social media. After demanding action from Twitter, now the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has demanded from Facebook that action should be taken on his Instagram profile. The commission has written a letter to Facebook that Rahul Gandhi has revealed the identity of the rape victim by sharing the picture of the girl’s family, which is against the law. Instagram is owned by Facebook itself. Apart from Twitter, Rahul Gandhi shared that controversial picture on his Instagram profile as well.

Earlier on August 4, the commission had written a letter to Twitter demanding action against Rahul Gandhi’s handle. Only after this Twitter had locked his account for some time. Not only this, the controversy escalated when the same picture was shared with the handles of all the Congress and party leaders. After this Twitter took action on all such handles. The commission has written to Facebook that the identity of the minor girl’s family members is exposed in the video shared on Rahul Gandhi’s Instagram profile.


The faces of the mother and father of the victim girl can be clearly seen in this video. The commission says this is a violation of the law. Doing so is against the POCSO Act and the Juvenile Justice Act. According to Section 23 of the POCSO Act, the name, address, photograph, family details, school, locality and other things of any minor rape victim cannot be disclosed.


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