Nobel laureate Harvey J. of the drug ‘Hepatitis C virus discovery’. To Alter, Michael Houghton, Charles M. Rice


This year, Harvey J. won the Nobel Prize for ‘Hepatitis C Virus Discovery’. Alter, given to Michael Houghton to Charles M. Rice.

This year, Harvey J. won the Nobel Prize for ‘Hepatitis C Virus Discovery’. Alter (Harvey Alter), Michael Houghton, Charles M. Rice. It further states that the Nobel Prize in Physics or Medicine / Physiology or Medicine is awarded every year by scientists or scientific institutes for their outstanding discoveries in the field of life sciences and medicine. In 2019, William G. Kellyn Jr. of the United States and Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe of the United Kingdom and Greg L. Semenza of the United States were jointly honored. Significantly, Hepatitis C causes cirrhosis and liver cancer in humans.

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Initiated by the Nobel Foundation in memory of Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel, it is the world’s highest award in the fields of peace, literature, physics, chemistry, medical science and economics. The prize money was 10 million. Alfred Nobel made a total of 355 discoveries. Dynamite was also invented.


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