No one is bigger than the law: Maharashtra Home Minister accused of raping a cabinet colleague


The social justice minister has accused Mundi of raping a woman in Mumbai. The 45-year-old NCP leader denied the allegations and accused the woman of blackmailing him.

Anil Deshmukh (Anil Deshmukh), Home Minister of the Government of Maharashtra. Dhananjay Munde (Dhananjay Munde) has made a big statement on the allegation of rape. Deshmukh said on Friday that there is no one greater than the law and that state law does not discriminate against anyone. He was speaking against the backdrop of allegations of rape against his cabinet colleague NCP leader Dhananjay Mund. The social justice minister has accused Mundi of raping a woman in Mumbai. The 45-year-old Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader has denied the allegations, alleging that the woman was blackmailed.

Dhananjay Mundi will be in the cabinet amid allegations of rape? NCP in ‘Wait and Watch’ mode

State Home Minister Deshmukh said, “There is no minister who is bigger than the law.” Maharashtra law does not discriminate against anyone. Our police will properly investigate the matter and take appropriate action against anything that goes wrong. The legal process is underway. NCP leader Deshmukh was questioned by reporters about the woman’s claim, in which he said the police were not paying attention to the allegations against Mundi.

Twist in Dhananjay Mundi case, minister supporting BJP leader rejects resignation offer

Earlier, Abdul Sattar, a minister in the Shiv Sena quota in the Maharashtra government, defended his NCP cabinet colleague Dhananjay Mundi, who was accused of rape, and said, ‘Par ki ki darna keya’. Speaking to reporters here, Sattar said that Mundi himself said that the women who complained had a love affair with his sister and also had two children. “He (Mundi) did not hide anything,” the minister said of the allegations of rape against Munde and his resignation demanding the BJP. Why be afraid if you are in love. Significantly, the 37-year-old woman, who wanted to be a singer, complained in a letter to the Mumbai Police Commissioner on January 10 that Dhananjay Mundi had repeatedly raped her in 2006. The woman claimed that she had lodged a complaint with the Oshiwara police station earlier but was ignored. Mundi, a NCP leader from Bid district, denied the allegations, claiming the woman and her sister were blackmailing him.



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Dhananjay Mundi accused of rape: Sharad Pawar

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