No need for lockdown, now only the night curfew is enough, know more what PM Modi said after meeting with Chief Ministers


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held a virtual meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states on Thursday in view of the second wave of Corona infection. After the meeting, the Prime Minister in his address expressed concern over the sudden increase in corona infection and said that in this situation there is a need to work on a war footing. He said that it is very important to take precaution for the next three weeks. The Prime Minister made it clear that there is no need for complete lockdown at this time and only the night curfew is enough to create awareness among the people.


The Prime Minister has said not to be alarmed by the cases of increasing infection, saying that we had controlled the first wave without a vaccine. Now that we are equipped with more resources, there will not be much problem in controlling the second wave. All we have to do is to insist on Kovid-19 management and follow all SOPs. The Prime Minister has said that when we had to put a lockdown a year ago, we had a scarcity of resources, but today when all the systems are there, we have to emphasize on the micro content zone to deal with this situation. Although you will have to work hard for this, but the results are also good.

The PM spoke of taking the night curfew as the corona curfew and said that it is extremely important to bring awareness. This does not affect the rest of the system. The Prime Minister said that in the first wave, we had brought cases from 10 lakh to 1.25 lakh without vaccine. Now all you need to do is to focus on test, track and treat. Protocol from Kovid-19 has to be followed. Also, Kovid-19 management has to be emphasized. He said that these days patients without symptoms are coming more and due to them the whole family is vulnerable. Therefore, proactive testing is necessary. We will not have to take things lightly even if the symptoms are not there.

The Prime Minister said that after the introduction of the vaccine, we have become relaxed about testing, but this time there should be more discussion about the vaccine. Because testing and tracking is the biggest role. Anyhow, we have to bring the positivity rate below five percent. The Prime Minister said about the increasing number of corona infections after testing, that it should not be worried, but this is the only way we will get out of it. Our target should be 70 per cent RTPCR test. He also said that it should be taken in a sample manner. There are some complaints about this. He told the states not to be afraid of numbers and not to compare with other states. Regarding the Containment Zone, the Prime Minister said that not a single person should remain there without a test and at least 30 people around him should be tested in less than 72 hours after detection of the infection. There should be no reduction in vigilance and SOP should be strictly followed in the Containment Zone.

The Prime Minister said that emphasis should be laid on keeping the death rate low. He also stressed on vaccination and said that Tika Utsav should be celebrated between 11 to 14 April. During this period, everyone above the age of 45 years should be vaccinated by conducting a special campaign. April 11 is Jyotiba Phule’s birth anniversary and April 14 is the birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The Prime Minister said that we also have to stop wastage of vaccine. During this period, the Prime Minister called upon the youth to come forward and encourage everyone above the age of 45 to get vaccinated and take them there. He said that if the youth follow the SOP, they will be safe. He told the states that he can take help of the NCC and NSS cadre. The Prime Minister said that the poor should reach the city and their vaccination will have to be taken on priority.

The Prime Minister asked the Chief Ministers to also use the governors in this task and organize an all-party meeting under his guidance. In this, the Chief Minister and the leaders of all the parties in the Legislatures should address all the people’s representatives with Babinar. Along with this, also represent the authors, artists, sportspersons etc. of civil society and major sections of the society. Doing it through the governor will not bring politics in it. On his criticism in recent times, the Prime Minister said that he does not open his mouth on this. We have come to serve the country. Those who want to do politics are doing it, but the Chief Ministers, all of us should all come forward to change the situation in our state. Earlier, Home Minister Amit Shah said that cases of coronavirus in the country are increasing again. It is necessary to curb them immediately.




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