Nitin Gadkari told why petrol and diesel are not coming under GST


Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that some states are opposing the proposal to bring fuel under GST, although the Center is ready to support the idea. He has said in the Times Now Summit that the Central Government has made this proposal. But some states are still against it. The Finance Minister is working on this issue. If all the states agree on this, then we will also support.

Gadkari has said that bringing fuel under GST will bring down the price of petrol and diesel etc. This step will also increase the revenue and the states will also benefit. However, Gadkari did not name the states opposing the proposal to bring fuel under GST.

Regarding the expensive price of petrol and diesel, he has said that the central government has taken a positive initiative by reducing the excise duty. He has expressed hope that after this initiative of the Center, the states will also reduce the excise duty.


Regarding electric vehicles, he has said that EVs will become affordable in two years. We are adopting ethanol, moving to flex engines and working on electric vehicles in a big way. This will reduce pollution. The import of fuel will be less and many people will get employment.

Regarding the roads, he has said that we are constructing 38 km of roads every day. Over the next two years, we aim to develop world class infrastructure with European and American standards. The Mumbai Expressway will be ready by 2023. Along with this, many green expressways will also be ready. Working on connecting Kashmir to Kanyakumari with world class roads.


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