New initiative for unorganized workers


The Central Government has started a new system for the registration of crores of unorganized workers of the country. It has to be seen whether the unorganized workers really get social security from the e-shram portal. The government has created a database of workers working in the unorganized sector. This database named e-shram was started by Union Labor Minister Bhupinder Yadav. Through this, the government aims to register 38 crore workers of the unorganized sector. These include construction workers, migrant laborers, street vendors and house workers and other workers.

Workers to be included in this database will be given a unique 12-digit number. It is expected that in future they will be linked to social security schemes through this number. The registration has started from today itself but the government has not yet given detailed information about the use of this database. 90 percent of workers Unorganized Experts estimate that at least 80 percent of workers in India work in the unorganized sector. Many irregular workers also work in the organized sector. If their numbers are also added, then the total number of unorganized workers in the country reaches 90 percent or about 45 crores.

Due to being unorganized, they are not able to get facilities like regular employment, fair salary, medical expenses, insurance and provident fund. Also, they are not counted in collecting economic data, due to which even the figures are not able to show the real picture. If indeed such a database is created and unorganized workers are registered in it, then this step will be in the right direction. However, the matter is not limited to just registration. Will have to work on many more questions. What rights will you get? Ravi Srivastava, director of the New Delhi-based Center for Employment Studies, says that it has to be seen whether the special card of the workers to be registered on this portal will be linked with Aadhaar or not.


He also told that there should be such a system behind the registration in which all the workers get rights and facilities. Mainly migrant workers are deprived of schemes and facilities, because they do not get those facilities wherever they leave, they have to live without those facilities even where they are working. Ravi Srivastava also told that if this new system becomes compatible with the new labor codes or labor code, then many workers like contract workers, casual workers etc. will be out of it. However, this initiative is still in its initial stage. In the coming days, when more information related to this will come out, then better evaluation will be possible.


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