‘Never fight with pigs’…Devendra Fadnavis tweets after Nawab Malik’s PC; Where’s the sign?


There is an open allegation between NCP leader Nawab Malik and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis. Where Nawab Malik held a press conference on Wednesday morning, made a flurry of allegations against Devendra Fadnavis. Hours later, Fadnavis hit back at Malik through a tweet. Malik had alleged in his press conference that Devendra Fadnavis had links with Riyaz Bhati, a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim. He also alleged that the fake currency business flourished in Maharashtra when Devendra Fadnavis was the Chief Minister. Now Fadnavis has made a tweet, which is being considered as a reply to these allegations.

Fadnavis has tweeted lines by famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw. It translates as, ‘Today’s thought, I learned a long time ago, is never to fight a pig. It will get you dirty but the pig will love it.’

Let us inform that earlier Nawab Malik had accused Fadnavis and asked, ‘Who is Riyaz Bhati? He was caught with a double passport and is close to Dawood. But left him only after two days. He was seen with you in BJP programs. Malik also alleged that Riyaz Bhati even got a pass for PM’s program. He said that police officers appointed by underworld don Devendra Fadnavis from other countries were called in Thane and the matter was settled.

Nawab Malik also alleged that Devendra Fadnavis patronized the fake currency business in the state after the demonetisation in 2016. He said that all this was done by Fadnavis with the help of Sameer Wankhede, who was working in DRI at that time.

On Tuesday itself, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis hit back at Nawab Malik and alleged that Malik’s son has links with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Fadnavis claimed that Nawab Malik had bought land from underworld people who were found guilty in the 93 bomb blasts case. He asked why did Nawab Malik buy land from the bomb blasters in Mumbai? Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday accused Maharashtra cabinet minister Nawab Malik and his family of buying a 2.80-acre plot from Mohd Salim Patel, the ‘front man’ of Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar in 2005 and 1993 blasts convict Badshah Khan. Put it. Devendra Fadnavis said in the beginning of the press conference that what I will say today is a very serious and security related issue of the nation.




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