Naxalites kidnap five villagers, family members are pleading with the police


Naxalites have kidnapped five villagers in Sukma, Chhattisgarh. Naxalites have taken four villagers with them on Friday evening and on Saturday evening. When the villagers did not return home till Sunday evening, the relatives complained to the Superintendent of Police and requested for the safe return of the villagers. Sarva Adivasi Samaj has also appealed to the Naxalites to release all the villagers.

According to the information received, the villagers who have been kidnapped. All of them are residents of Batter village located in Banda Panchayat of Konta police station area. The abducted villagers include Madvi Nandu, Kawasi Hidma, Kawasi Dev, Sodhi Ganga and Kawasi Kosa. Sukma SP Sunil Sharma said that some time back information has been received that some villagers have been caught by the Naxalites. Whether it is kidnapping or something else is taking full information about it. Efforts are being made for the safe return of all the villagers. SP Sharma said that the force camps are far away from the village from where the Naxalites have taken the villagers. He said that as the development is progressing in Sukma’s Vananchal area and the schemes of the government are providing electricity and roads to every village, the Naxalites have been stunned by it.


Naxalites have already abducted villagers

Let us inform that even before this, Naxalites have carried out such incidents in many districts of Bastar division. The villagers are picked up and taken away and then released after two-three days. The Naxalites pressurize the villagers not to help the force. It is said that there is anger among the Naxalites due to the new dawn (Poona Narkom) campaign run by the Sukma Police. Under the campaign, more than 150 Naxalites have so far surrendered leaving the path of violence in the district, which is weakening their support base.


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