Navy to save people stranded in Deshkravat Toute, Navy saves 177 people on the strength of barge, barge


The Indian Navy has rescued 177 people on a barge that went uncontrolled in the sea due to the cyclonic storm ‘Toute’ in the Arabian Sea and the search for the rest is still on. The barge ‘P305, deployed in the Bombay High Oil Field, slipped from the anchorage on Monday. Naval vessels were deployed for rescue operations after getting information about its uncontrolled flow into the sea. There were 273 people in the barge.

The official said that till 11 o’clock in the night, 60 people on the barge and the rest were rescued during the overnight operation. At the same time, a Navy helicopter took three people to INS Shikra this morning. INS Shikra was earlier called INS Kunjali, a naval air station at Colaba in South Mumbai.

The Government Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) on Monday said that the barge ‘P305, a cyclonic storm’ slipped off the anchor due to the tout and is flowing uncontrolled into the sea. According to sources, this is a barge in which people are stationed or kept, so it does not have an engine.

An official said that the Navy deployed a multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft P-81 for rescue operations on Tuesday morning. A Navy spokesperson said another barge ‘gal constructor drifted 48 nautical miles north of Colaba Point, carrying 137 people. An emergency ‘towing vessel’ Water Lily ‘, two auxiliary vessels and CGS Samrat have been sent to help in the area and to rescue the crew members.

“INS Talwar is going to help Sagar Bhushan, another oil rig, and the Barge SS-3,” the spokesperson said in a statement. Both are currently about 50 nautical miles southeast of Pipavav harbor. “Sagar Bhushan has 101 and Bajra SS-3 carrying 196 people.”




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