Narendra Modi meets US Vice President Kamala Harris


US Vice President Kamala Harris met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday and stressed the importance of an independent Indo-Pacific region. Narendra Modi’s meeting with Kamala Harris, the first US Vice President of Indian origin, was interesting in many ways. Narendra Modi is not only considered close to former US President Donald Trump, but he even campaigned for Trump. During the meeting, Kamala Harris told Modi, “America, like India, takes pride in being a member of the Indo-Pacific. Understands the fragility and importance of those relationships and knows the importance of a free and open Indo-Pacific region.” What is the importance” Photos: 100 Most Influential People of 2021 The US Vice President was referring to the growing influence of China in the region, about which his country has recently taken many big steps. These include the increasing activism of the Quad countries, which have both India and the US as member countries. Moments of pride This meeting of Kamala Harris and Narendra Modi was a moment of pride for the more than 4 million Indians living in America who pride themselves on Harris’s Indian origin.

Narendra Modi also mentioned this thing. He described Kamala Harris as an inspiration and said that she is like a family, who helped India during the Kovid-19 crisis. Modi said, “As the oldest and largest democracy, we are natural partners. We share our values.” During the meeting, Kamala Harris praised India’s decision to resume exports of the Kovid-19 vaccine manufactured in India Has gone. He said that both the countries should work together to protect democracy across the world. India is the largest covid-vaccine producer in the world. Recently it has announced that soon the export of the vaccine will be resumed.

The exports were halted in April after a second wave of coronavirus hit India and claimed millions of lives. Harris said, “When India was facing the outbreak of Kovid, America helped it with pride that it needed and responsibility to vaccinate its people. And I welcome India’s announcement that the vaccine Exports will be started soon. Modi in the US During his three-day visit to Washington, Narendra Modi will also meet US President Joe Biden at the White House on Friday. Both the leaders will participate in a meeting of the Quad countries, which will also be attended by leaders of Australia and Japan. Earlier on Thursday, Indian Prime Minister The program was very busy. He also met Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison apart from many American leaders and industrialists.


After the meeting, Scott Morrison wrote on Twitter, “Nice to meet my good friend and great friend of Australia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Detailed issues were discussed before the Quad meeting.” Survey: Modi became the world’s most popular leader Narendra Modi also met the heads of big American companies like Qualcomm, Blackstone, Adobe, First Solar and General Atomics etc. While being the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi was banned in the US. 2002 Modi was banned by the US after the riots killed more than a thousand people. Shortly after becoming the Prime Minister of India in 2014, the then US President Barack Obama congratulated him and invited him to the US. /AA (Reuters, AFP).



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