Music is haram in Islam; ‘Miya Bhai’ fame rapper Ruhaan Arshad says goodbye to the music industry


Hyderabadi rapper Ruhan Arshad, who earned a name from ‘Miya Bhai’ rap, has said goodbye to the music industry. Rapper Ruhaan Arshad, who created panic in 2018 with the ‘Miya Bhai’ rap song, said that music is haram in Islam and he will now do only halal and not haram. On his YouTube channel ‘Ruhaan Arshad Official’, he announced to leave the world of music. There are 2.34 million (about 23 lakh) subscribers on his channel.

In his seven-minute video, Arshad said that I have full faith in my decision and there was no other thought in my mind while announcing it. I am leaving the music industry completely and from now on I will never make any more music videos. I know that music is a sin in Islam, but it was my passion, due to which I came here.

He further said that he is leaving only the music industry and not YouTube. He thanked his fans for their support in the music journey and also asked them for suggestions on what kind of content to work on next. Not only this, Arshad also appealed to his followers who are working in the music industry to do the same. Arshad said that those who have come in this industry should also say goodbye to the world of music. He said that if we do something now, we will do it Halal, but not Haram.


Let us tell you that rapper Arshad became an overnight star on YouTube with the rap song ‘Miya Bhai’. So far this video has got 500 million views. However, as soon as Arshad announced his decision to leave the music industry, his fans started reacting differently. Some praised his decision and some criticized this decision.


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