Mother of four children wants to leave ISIS and return home, pleads for help from the government


A British mother who left to join ISIS with her children has now pleaded with Syria to return to her country. Nicole Jack from West London has four daughters aged seven, nine and 12. Speaking to the BBC, Nicole Jack said that her family lives in the UK. Nicole has appealed to the British government to help her come back to the country. However, the UK government has now responded in the matter that their priority is the safety of the people of their country.

Nicole Jack says she was with ISIS for three years from 2015 to 2018. Nicole says that she is now being detained along with thousands of families of fighters. Speaking to the BBC, Jack said that her family was out of sight and thinking of the British public. The UK government should not ignore his request.

Jack claimed that in 2015 he came to Syria and joined ISIS. Worked from 2015 to 2018, but never did any work for the security of Britain. However, in the matter, the UK Home Ministry says that their priority is the safety of the people of their country.

Until 2015, ISIS was publicly known for its brutal methods, including beheadings. Unlike other jihadist girls, Jack was an adult when he joined ISIS. Replying to a question, Jack said that he has never seen anyone beheading in his life. Let us tell you that in October 2015, Jack left London with her three children and husband and came to Syria and joined ISIS.


Jack told his family that he was returning to Somalia to start a new life. She told the BBC that her husband Hussein Ali threatened to leave the family if she did not accompany him. However, the very next year in 2016, her husband died while fighting for ISIS. After which Jack married an ISIS fighter. After which he moved to Syria in 2017.

Jack says that her ten-year-old son and second husband were killed while playing in the garden in an airstrike. Now living in London, Jack’s mother, Charlene Jack Henry, wants her grandchildren to be allowed back to the UK, as the place is not safe for them.



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