More relief from Corona in Diwali, only 11,451 new cases, these 18 districts are the reason for concern


Despite all the apprehensions, the cases of corona have not increased much in the festive season. Only 11,451 new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 13,204 people have defeated Corona. However, during this time 266 people have died due to corona. The biggest thing is that the districts affected by Corona across the country have remained few and far between. There are only 18 districts in four states of the country where the positivity rate is more than 10%.

Cases decreased, recovery rate increased

Talking about India at present, the number of active cases here is 1,42,826, which is the lowest in 262 days. At the same time, the recovery rate is 98.24 percent, which is the highest since March 2020. Significantly, experts were anticipating an increase in corona in the festive season. But after the festival week that ended on November 6, only 18 districts across the country have the corona positivity rate above 10%. That is, in a large part of the country, there has not been much increase in the cases of corona. Let us tell you that some international standards have been set regarding matters. If the positivity rate is 10% or more, then it is considered dangerous for the speed of corona infection. At the same time, according to the WHO, if the positivity rate is more than 5 percent, then restrictions should be imposed considering the increase in infection.


The number of affected districts is continuously decreasing

The Health Ministry has divided the districts into three categories according to the speed of corona infection. Among these, there are districts with a positivity rate of more than 5 percent, a positivity rate between 5 and 10 percent and a positivity rate of more than 10 percent. The number of districts with more than 10 percent positivity rate was 33 on October 3. By 22 October, this number had come down to 28. At the same time, only 18 such districts are left in the festive week that ended on November 6. Till now the districts with more than 10 percent positivity rate were up to 10 states. Now it is only four states, Kerala, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. There are 9 such districts in Kerala, 7 in Mizoram and one each in Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.


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