Mokama Asan: Bahubali where he has been writing victory stories for 30 years, Ananta Singh MLA for four times


The Mokama Assembly is a constituency inhabited by Bhumihar and Yadav. In addition to these, Dhanuk, Query, Kurmi and Muslim voters also have a good number. Ananta Singh came from Bhumihar caste.

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: The Mokama assembly seat in Bihar falls in the Patna district, but on the political map it is under the Munger Lok Sabha constituency. It has long been a popular seat in the state. Its geographical structure is such that Bahubali has been ruling the top of power here for decades. The Ganges River on one side and the Kiul River on the other, and the Tal region in the middle, where the distant fields are visible for four months of the year. This region is called lentil bowl. At present Bahubali Ananta Singh is the MLA here. This time Anant Singh Elections are being held on RJD tickets.

Occupying the JDU for a decade and a half, Anant Singh was special to Nitish

There is an endless story of Ananta Singh known as Chhota Sarkar in that area. There is a figure in the area from Bahubali to Robinhood. From 2005 to 2010, Anant Singh won three elections on a JD (U) ticket. In 2015, he won a separate election after a feud with Nitish. He then defeated JDU’s Neeraj Singh by a margin of 16,000 votes. Then JDU’s Neeraj Singh also had the support of RJD. In 2015, RJD opened a front against Anant Singh, but in 2020 Anant Singh is now competing on RJD tickets. He was jailed for illegal possession of firearms but was often released on parole.

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Bhumihar-Yadav is a Mokam seat

The Mokama Assembly is a constituency inhabited by Bhumihar and Yadav. In addition to these, Dhanuk, Query, Kurmi and Muslim voters also have a good number. Ananta Singh came from Bhumihar caste. Candidates of this caste have been winning here for the last few decades. According to an estimate, 40 to 50 percent of the voters in the area belong to this caste. The second is that Yadav is a candidate from the vote bank the RJD and it is believed that Ananta Singh will get votes from Yadav and Muslims as well as Bhumihar. There are about three lakh voters in this constituency.


Bahubali has won for three decades

Money and energy are predominant here due to the geographical design of Mokama. This is why Bahubali has been elected as a MLA for the last three decades, i.e. for 30 years. In 1990, Anil Singh’s brother Dilip Kumar Singh was elected on a Janata Dal ticket. In 1995, Dilip Singh also won, but in 2000, the second Bahubali Surajvan Singh won from here as an independent candidate and reached the assembly. The history of quarrels between these two families is also old. Ananta Singh won the 2005 assembly elections on a JDU ticket. In the by-elections held the same year, Anant Singh won again. In 2010, Anant Singh also won the JD ticket. In 2015, Anant Singh was able to win an individual for the fourth time.

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Political history has been like this

The Mokama Assembly seat was formed in 1951. Since then it has been a common seat. Jagadish Narayan Singh of the Congress won from here for the first time. He won for the second time, but in the third election of 1962, the independent Suryanandan Singh won. In 1967, B Lal of the Republican Party of India won. In 1969, the Congress re-occupied the seat and Kameshwar Singh became the MLA. Krishna Shahi won from Congress in 1972 and 1977. Shyam Sundar Singh Dheeraj of the Congress won in 1980 and 1985, but the picture has changed since 1990. Voting will take place on October 28 in the first phase of the 178 Mokama assembly constituency. Results will come on November 10th.

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