Modi’s new ministers will now introduce themselves directly to the public, PM could not get introduced due to the uproar


The Union Ministers of BJP, who have been promoted and included in the Central Government, will give a new introduction to the people of the country through Jan Ashirwad Yatras. During the Parliament session, the opposition created a ruckus and did not allow Prime Minister Narendra Modi to introduce these ministers. After this the BJP decided to take out the public blessings of these ministers across the country. All the ministers together will travel for 142 days in three days and during this time 1663 meetings will also be held.

Travels have been of great importance in the political upliftment of the BJP. Through these, he has also established his unique identity across the country. Before the monsoon session of Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expanded his Council of Ministers and in this way new ministers are introduced in Parliament on the first day of the session, but the opposition did not allow this to happen by creating a ruckus. The BJP then structured a campaign. In this it was decided to introduce new ministers to the public and to take direct blessings of the people.


Party General Secretary Tarun Chugh prepared the blueprint for this Jan Ashirwad Yatra. He has said that BJP’s new 39 ministers will travel for three days and cover a total of 212 Lok Sabha constituencies and cover a distance of 19567 km. Ministers of State will travel on August 16, 17 and 18 and Union Ministers on August 19, 20 and 21. This Yatra will also cover 19 states and 265 districts. It will have 1663 meetings. In some states, it will last for five to seven days.

The Chief Ministers, Deputy Chief Ministers, MPs and MLAs will also participate in the visits of BJP-ruled states. Through these visits, the achievements of the government for two years, especially the work done during the Korana period, will be taken. Along with this, awareness will also be brought about vaccination. Since the yatra will take place on the 15th August speech of the Prime Minister and the beginning of 75 years of independence, so that message will also be given. This time BJP has decided the nature of the yatra in such a way that maximum people can reach maximum people in less time and maximum geographical area can be covered.


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