Modi government will remove the shortcomings of urban and rural health systems, given 8 and a half thousand crore rupees


The Central Government has released eight and a half thousand crore rupees to the states for the purpose of removing the shortcomings of the primary health care systems and strengthening the health system. According to the information given by the Ministry of Finance, health sector grant of Rs 8453 crore has been released to the local bodies of 19 states.

This amount has been released to the states on the basis of the recommendations of the 15th Finance Commission. The commission, in its report relating to the period from financial year 2021-22 to 2025-26, had recommended the release of a total grant of Rs 4,27,911 crore to local bodies. Health grant of Rs 70,051 crore has also been included in the grant recommended by the commission.


To improve the system of primary health facilities in rural areas through these grants. Along with the necessary tests, there was an emphasis on making proper arrangements for treatment. According to the commission, rural and urban local bodies can play a major role in providing primary health care, especially in providing state-of-the-art treatment.

According to the commission, by strengthening the local bodies keeping in view the resources, health infrastructure and capacity building, these bodies will be able to play a decisive role in dealing with epidemics spreading in limited areas and spreading epidemics on a large scale. Health grant will be released to the remaining 09 states after their proposals are received by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare from the respective states. Under this arrangement, a grant of Rs 1116 crore has been released to Bihar, Rs 444 crore to Jharkhand and Rs 150 crore to Uttarakhand.


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