Modi government will link voter ID card with Aadhaar; When will this process start, what will have to be done, know everything


In order to prevent bogus voting and enrolling a person in more than one place in the electoral roll, the government will link the Aadhaar ID number with the voter list and voter ID card. The central government can probably take this action after the assembly elections in five states including UP next year. According to sources, the government is in principle ready to link the voter ID card and the voter list. But for this the government will have to amend the laws. In addition, a data security framework has to be established. This will be a very complicated exercise. Legal disputes may also arise in this. So this action will probably be taken after the assembly elections in five states are settled in May 2022.

Verification will be done through OTP

Sources said that the voter list will not be seeded in the Aadhaar eco-system, it will be used only under the OTP system for verification. These two data will not match. Nor will anyone be able to tap or intercept the voter system. This system will undergo extensive trials and linking action will be taken after meeting all aspects of data security.

The exercise stopped by the decision of the Supreme Court


For this linking of voter list with Aadhaar, the central government will have to amend the Aadhar Act along with amending the Representation of the People Act. Because, in 2015, the Supreme Court, in its judgment on the validity of the Aadhaar Act, had said that Aadhaar would be used only for taking benefits of government welfare schemes. For other facilities, it will not be necessary to ask for Aadhaar number. The court had said that if the government wants to link the voter list in the Aadhaar ecosystem, then it will have to take legal backing for this. After this, the Supreme Court declared privacy as a fundamental right in 2019. Asked the government to make laws for data security. The government has prepared the Data Protection Bill, which is under consideration of the Parliamentary Committee for study.

30 crore voter ID card link:

Even before the Supreme Court’s decision in 2015, the Election Commission had linked more than 30 crore voter ID cards with Aadhaar. Following the order of the court, the Election Commission had stopped this action. After this, the commission urged the government to amend the law to link the voter ID card and list with Aadhaar in view of the court’s order.


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