Modi government wife is giving one lakh 24 thousand rupees in Swamiman Yojana? Don’t fall into the trap – the claim is fake


During the Corona period, many false reports are being spread in the name of this project of Modi government. Sometimes the video of depositing Rs 2,500 per month in the account in the name of Kanya Samman Yojana goes viral, and sometimes it happens to make Rs 10,000 per family under the Prime Minister’s Fund. A new video is now going viral on YouTube, claiming that the central government is depositing Rs 1.24 lakh in the accounts of all women under the ‘Mahila Swamiman Yojana’.

The central government is not running such a plan

The PIB Fact Check clearly states that this claim is false. The central government has no such plan. PIBFact checked the tweet and warned that the fake central government was not carrying out any such plan.

Let us know that PIB is the main body for informing the newspapers and electronic media about the policies, initiatives and achievements of the Government of India. The PIB has suggested that gold is promoted in the media whenever a bad situation arises on social media at the moment, not just in times of corona crisis. In such cases, trust the information obtained from social media after a good test.

Complain about any such misleading news

Let us know if any news related to the government is true or false, the help of PIB fact check can be taken. Anyone can send a screenshot, tweet, Facebook post or URL of WhatsApp number 918799711259 to the PIB Fact Check or mail it to [email protected]




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