Modi government has brought OBC reservation bill on the lines of Shah Bano, Asaduddin Owaisi attacked


Asuddin Owaisi has supported the government on the bill giving the states the right to prepare a list of OBC reservations, but has also taunted. Owaisi said that the way the Modi government at the Center has brought this bill, it reminds me of Shah Bano. Now I hope that Shah Bano will not be mentioned again and again. The AIMIM leader said the Constitution empowers Parliament to make laws against the Supreme Court’s decision. So it is your right, but I believe now that Shah Bano’s name will not be repeated. Owaisi said that big things have happened that this government is for OBCs. But I expose the government.

Owaisi said that the Rohini Commission reports that 10 per cent OBCs are getting 50 per cent and the other 20 per cent fraternities are getting nothing. I demand that castes should also be sub-categorized in this list. One more thing is that if any fraternity gets OBC status in any state, then it should also get a place at the center. Apart from this, Owaisi also demanded to abolish the 50 percent reservation limit. Taking a jibe at the central government, Owaisi said that after all, if you love, then what to fear. On the one hand, there are 50% seats for 20 percent of the people in the country, while there are only 47% seats for 50 percent of the people.

Your heart beats for 20%, not for OBC


Your love is not with OBC, it is with their vote. Your heart beats for the 20 percent of the people for whom you have set a limit of 50. We say that the government should break this limit. This is a golden opportunity that you make a law and break the 50 percent limit and give justice to OBCs.

Everyone spoke for Marathas, why not talk about reservation for Muslims

Apart from this, Owaisi also demanded reservation for Dalits, backward Muslims and Christians. He said that the law which was made in 1950 was not religion neutral. He said that I listened to the speeches of Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena. They are talking about Maratha, but Muslims have not been talked about. Do you have no place for Muslims in your heart? Owaisi said that the Maratha community for whom this bill has been brought for reservation, the Supreme Court had said that Marathas do not look poor. After all, how will you show them poor?


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