Modi government failed to deal with Corona, open poll in front of public: Sonia Gandhi


New Delhi (Loksatya) Congress President Sonia Gandhi has said that the situation that has arisen in the country due to Corona has the mismanagement of the Modi government and now the situation is getting out of control day by day.

Sonia Gandhi said in a meeting of chief ministers of Congress-ruled states and Congress-aligned state governments held on Saturday to review efforts to deal with Kovid-19, saying the Modi government has demonstrated its mismanagement in the Battle of Corona. The government did not correct management in the event of the spread of Kovid. There is a shortage of vaccines in one and a half but it is being exported while complaints are also coming from many states.

The Congress President said that amidst increasing cases of Corona infection, it is the responsibility of Congress as the main opposition party to take up the issues related to it and force the government to move away from propaganda tactics and work on public interest issues.


He said that there is a need to work on this issue with transparency and instead of adopting publicity stunts. Central or state levelers must present the actual data about the infected people and deaths due to it.

The Congress president said, "First and foremost, we have to focus on the vaccination campaign in India, only then should we consider exporting vaccines or sending it to other countries as a gift." We should insist on a responsible behavior by complying with all laws and regulations related to Kovid, without exception. ”


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