Missile Test: Successful Test Of The Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile

Missile Test: Successful test of the BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile at INS Chennai, these features


BrahMos supersonic cruise missile successfully tested today fired from INS Chennai

The DRDO said in a statement that the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile had been successfully tested and fired today from the INS in Chennai, adding that the INS was aimed at the Arabian Sea, which was aimed at its success.


According to media reports, the DRDO said the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was successfully tested on Sunday. It was during this time that the missile was aimed at the Arabian Sea and launched over it. The missile succeeded in meeting its target.

The DRDO said the missile had met its target with precision. The purpose of this missile is to ensure the invincibility of the warship with a long range range. India has successfully completed another missile test amid ongoing tensions with China.

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Earlier, DRDO had tested the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in Orissa and it was also successful. It was successfully managed by DRDO on 30 September. With the launch of this missile, the Indian Army will become more powerful and this missile will be effective in targeting its enemies. Tensions between India and China have been simmering in Ladakh for the past few days and the ongoing test of Indian missiles in such a situation is a strong message for India.

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