Military talks inconclusive, now India and China are taking a tough stand on LAC


Four weeks after military talks to reduce tension in Ladakh remained inconclusive, it is seen that both India and China have taken a tough stand on the de facto border line. In the midst of the border dispute, both sides have increased military activities, infrastructure development, surveillance and maneuvers in their respective borders.

Military talks between the two countries have been almost unsuccessful in resolving the border dispute that has been going on for 18 months. India has also increased activity in response to the actions of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in the area and is also taking steps to be prepared for any contingency, an official said.

Twice this year, the soldiers of China and India have withdrawn from the tense areas, but still about 50 to 50 thousand soldiers of both the armies are stationed in Ladakh with advanced weapons. According to a report released last week, the US Defense Department said Beijing continues to pursue an expansionary and strategic strategy to strengthen its claim on the LAC, despite ongoing talks to resolve the dispute.


Former Northern Army Commander Lt Gen DS Hooda (Retd) says that it is clear that a strong stand has been taken by both India and China and the statement from both the countries after the 13th round of military talks gives clear indications. It is difficult to reach a consensus. “Any solution to resolve this dispute is now possible only at the political or diplomatic level,” he said. However, it is not certain whether any country is willing to take such an initiative.

Let us tell you that during the 13th round of talks on 10 October, the PLA refused to accept the suggestions given by the Indian Army. The Indian Army said that it had given constructive suggestions to resolve the dispute in the remaining areas, but the Chinese side did not agree and no further proposal was presented from their side. At the same time, China accused India of making irrational and impractical demands.

The PLN has also conducted tank drills on the LAC after the October 10 talks were in vain. As a response to this, the Indian Army also proved that it is capable of responding quickly to any action by conducting aerial exercises in eastern Ladakh last week.


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